Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snapfish, The Grinch Who Tried To Steal Christmas

I feel like my blog is becoming an outlet to talk about Lil Gbear or rant. I swear there is more to me than that and I hope to prove that one day soon. Today is not that day.

I am beyond angry. I'm actually to the point of just tearful defeat. I ordered presents for my MIL and almost all my husbands family on Snapfish. She's always saying how much my FIL loves his mug covered in pictures of lil GBear, so I though I'd get her her own. I ordered before the date they listed on their website to receive in time for Christmas. I look at my order yesterday, it's not even scheduled to ship til the 23RD!!! WTF!? How the hell is it supposed to get there in time. Oh, that's right, IT WONT.

So I decide to speak with customer service to see if I can upgrade to overnight shipping. No luck. You can't change the order status once it's in process.

Then I look at the site a little more. Today's Deal of the Day? Free upgrade to overnight shipping. So that means that all the orders placed in the next two days (the Deal of the day actually lasts longer than a day) get processed and shipped BEFORE mine! I could order a new one and it would get there before the original. For the same freakin price. And then I could return the stupid original one for a refund. I really should do that, but I'm just so angry with Snapfish I don't want to give them any more of my money. I wrote an email expressing my dissatisfaction. Now I'm past angry and just plain upset. I know Christmas isn't about the gifts, but when you go to the trouble, you want it to get there in time. I'm embarrassed to say I even cried once the anger faded a bit. (damn hormones. sometimes I hate being a girl)

Oh well, chin up. I will not let anything ruin my Christmas! This is the first year the HB and I get to spend it together and I'm going to revel in the Christmas spirit. So take that Snapfish Grinch, you can't steal my Christmas!

Looks like I'll be taking a trip out to try and find some gifts so that we don't show up empty handed. Wish me luck braving shopping this close to Christmas!


Nike Athena said...

That just plain sucks! One year my stepmom wrote a poem about my gift since it didn't arrive in time. It was cheesy and cute. That's ridiculous they wouldn't let you upgrade. Good for you for contacting customer service - I would have just cried. Enjoy your Christmas with your husband!

Steph said...

That stinks. Hopefully it will be there earlier.

Lou said...

omg. that is horrible. i hope they reply to your email and give you a advantage. that is ridiculously rude. I am so sorry, im glad your staying positive though!

Cheilsea said...

That sucks so much! I can't believe they won't just cancel your order now and let you order again. Glad you wrote the letter to customer service. I love your blog. Thanks for following mine!

Unknown said...

That really stinks! Talk about horrible customer service!!!! :(

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