Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Recap Rambles

My mind is kind of a jumble right now, trying to think of all the things I need to do this week before we enjoy Christmas vacation, so for now I'll just to a quick recap of the weekend. It was nice with a bit of relaxation, studying, and Christmas fun.

  • Finished up my final section of the Paralegal course. So I am officially finished and with nothing less than a B+ (I was really hoping for all A's, but I'm still pretty proud of myself) 
  • Bought Lil GBear a birthday and a Christmas gift. (We'll get more after we see what the relatives get, so we don't double up) I was so excited to get him this:

 He's been really into balls recently, so we thought this would be awesome. (I'd also heard some great reviews)  Sadly (and rather hilariously) he's TERRIFIED of it. He loves the balls, but as soon as it's turned on he starts crying. When we turn it off he continues to yell angrily at it. It would be adorable if I didn't feel so bad for scaring him. Oh well, he'll probably grow into it, right? haha

  • Had a visit from my brother's wife. She was driving through and brought by some birthday gifts from my parents and brother. He got an awesome Fisher Price Pony (it interacts with the tv) and a tug boat. Guess what his new favorite thing is. If you guessed tug boat you win (unless you want to count the wrapping paper it was in)
  • Made a bunch of Christmas cookies~ they weren't the prettiest but HB loved them and when I brought some to a party I was told they reminded them of grandma's cookies. I'm going to take that as a compliment haha.
  • As mentioned, went to a little holiday gathering. It was at a small art gallery run by some people I used to work with, so pretty much it was a little work reunion. They had ornament making (the ornaments were themed to go with the exhibit) and I had a really good time catching up and have a little grown up time.

A Couple of the Ornaments I Decorated :)

So that was pretty much our weekend. This week, finish making Christmas gifts and buy the last few. Mail out Christmas cards. Pack. Lil GBear's first birthday. It's a jam packed week! Happy Monday Everyone!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the busy ball popper, I may have to look into that for my nephew!

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