Monday, January 17, 2011

Building Myself Back Up

Let no man pull you low enough to hate him. ~ MLK Jr.

Someone posted this on Facebook today, in honor of Martin Luther King Day. It really got me to thinking about some of my friendships that have gone by the wayside and how they are still bringing me down.

I have been blessed with some amazing friendships over the years. Friends that are there for you when you need them (and even when you don’t haha) However, I also found that in my constant need to be liked by everyone, I made some friendship choices that weren’t the best for me.

I allowed myself to get swept up into friendships where I wasn’t valued for me. Kind of a use me then leave me situation. It’s funny, because I would never let a man treat me that way, but I allowed girls to treat me like their property. What’s worse, the friendships I formed made me a more judgmental, petty, self conscious individual. I won’t pretend I’ve always been brimming with self confidence, but I allowed these friendships to transform me into someone I’m not proud of.

I have since regained my self worth. I realized I didn't need their friendships to make me a better person; in fact, being friends with them was dragging me down.  I made the conscious decision to put me first and regain the individual I used to be. One who didn't judge people based on designer labels and didn't believe the only way to have fun was to drink and party.  This  caused these friends to turn on me and spread rumors and lies.

However, I cannot act completely innocent. I allowed them to bring me down. I allowed them to make me hateful. I’m hoping in the future I can work harder to let no {wo}man bring me down low. I need to quit dwelling on the friendships lost, because in reality I am a better me without them.  I need to move on. Rise above. *Love is all you need*


Unknown said...

I can totally relate.

Lou said...

Good point,and beautiful quote. I know that feeling ,and your right why should
I let a women treat me like shit if I don't let a man?good point

Anonymous said...

True friends don't pull you down. Its good you got rid of them and moved on with life. I mean look where you are now :)

Alyssa said...

I love this quote- and this post! Perfectly true. I think we are all guilty of letting people get us down from time to time, and allowing them to temporarily alter our true us! So glad you can recognize you are better then that!

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