Thursday, January 6, 2011

Job Hunting?

Some of you may be wondering how my little shopping excursion went. It was not as successful as I hoped. The sweater boots? Made me look like a clown! And they didn't have the others. I looked around and the only ones I found and kind of liked were $100 and well, I don't need new boots that badly. I did get a couple good *practical* deals at Victoria's Secrets and while they aren't anything fancy, HB isn't complaining either ;)

I took a big step yesterday. I sent in my resume for a job. HB and I agree that I don't *need* to get a job right now and it is wonderful that I can stay at home with Lil Gbear, but I think if I don't start consider making a career for myself soon, I may just get so out of the loop it will be difficult to re-enter the work force. So, I saw a listing for a job that would further my career goals AND it's only two days a week, so I would still have ample time to take care of lil Gbear. On the one hand I'm super excited at the prospect of getting out there, making a little money, and boosting my resume. On the other, I'm terrified to leave Lil Gbear. In the past, I've only ever left him with family or very close friends. Finding a daycare frightens me. I have no idea what to look for. So today, while Lil Gbear is napping (i.e. after I finish this post) I shall be doing a little research on daycare.

I don't necessarily think I will get this job. It would be way too lucky to get the first job I applied to, but I think it's time I start proactively deciding what the next step is.


Nike Athena said...

Best of luck in your job search - that job sounds perfect! I don't have children yet, but the thought of daycare shopping frightens me as well. I hope you find something that works for your family and you're all comfortable with.

Steph said...

I applaud you for being proactive. I can't imagine your apprehension with daycare. Good luck with everything!

Jennifer said...

Good luck, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Gris said...

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Mrs. Mootz said...

Good luck with you job search!

I think when it comes to finding a daycare its about going with your gut feeling. I mean obviously there are certain criteria, like the cost, but you'll find several that are comparable in every way, so it just a matter of going with whoever "feels" better to you :)

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