Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MV-Milspouse Award

I was bestowed this awesome new blog award by two wonderful ladies, AngieDMac with her adorable pups and great sense of style over at Oh, How Delightful!, and Jessa at DoxieNoodle who has two adorable kids and really tells it like it is {her honesty and openness is proof of her strength}.

Now to share the blog love with some favorites:

Lou @ Guinn and Bare It. This lady is so much fun and I think in real life we could be BFFs ;) She's one of my first blog friends and I love reading her posts and comments. Her hubby just left after R&R, so I'm sure she could use a little extra love, head over and say Hi!

AshleyN @ Daydreams and Dogtags Such a positive outlook on life. She's visiting her man The Stranger and I can't wait to hear about her adventures!

PoeKitten @ Many Waters So many fun pictures, recipes and conversations about faith. Always something enjoyable to read with this awesome lady {and so sweet}

Just a Girl I totally relate to her writing and I think we have a lot in common{and hey we may even end up being career twinsies} Not to mention her blog is pretty freakin adorable.

Steph @ Watching Airplanes Gotta love her facebook funnies! Not to mention she's an awesome lady, with adorable pups and still finds time to blog between studying for numbingly dull interesting things like Business law.

HMB @ table for two:me and you Love her pup! And she loves cupcakes, a girl after my own heart ;) I love reading her blog, it always has something fun and cute to read, or something to get the wheels turning in the brain.

I'm going to leave it at those, even though there are so many other fabulous bloggers that I look forward to reading. This way more people can spread the blog lovin ;)


Lou said...

OMG!!! we would so be bff! Hahah " I mean, you wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friends first"
Thanks lady! I really appreciate it! You have put a smile on my face ...MUSTACHE

Steph said...

Thanks for thinking of me and remembering the little things about me.

hmb said...

Thanks peacho! I didn't even know I had anything on my blog to get anyone's wheels turning. LOL...thanks again :-)

Jennifer said...

Thanks lady, you're the sweetest! I think we have a lot in common too! =)

Holly Sandusky said...

Hey! I'm out and about Blog Hopping and found your blog. I love it! Follow mine?

Fran said...

Congrats on the award! :)

ps: when I was writing the post that cruise commercial came on and I might have stolen the title from there... I'm glad someone got it though haha

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