Friday, March 11, 2011

A Heaping Serving of Passive Aggressive

With a side of avoidance served up by yours truly. I am terrible at being a grown up. I have a history of just ignoring things, hoping magically they will take care of themselves, instead of {wo}maning up and taking care of business. I’m honestly too embarrassed to list the examples, but trust me, I’m epic when it comes to avoidance.

Add to that my dislike for any form of conflict, you get the nice serving of passive aggressiveness. When I do finally attempt to deal with something that has been wearing on my mind, I resort to this childish habit. I should note, I hate when people are passive aggressive and yet here I am, being the most guilty! Maybe that’s why I hate it so much in others; it’s a quality I am so guilty of that seeing it in others just reminds me how pathetic I can be. In the end, does my lovely dish satisfy me? Nope, it’s like gorging yourself on candy, you’re just left feeling sick and gross. Nothing gets resolved and you start the vicious cycle of avoidance followed by passivity.

Long story short, I need to grow a pair and take control. *wish me luck*

*In completely unrelated news*

Please keep everyone who is being effected by this huge earthquake in your prayers (if you’re the praying kind) and if not, send good vibes their way!


hmb said...

LOL Hope you are able to grow your pair very soon! Haha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OMG- don't even worry- I've been told Passive aggressiveness is the one true way to tell an Irish woman apart fom all others! Hahaha, I suffer BADLY- and when I'm not being {p.a.} I'm even more ridiculously brutal. Good luck with your pair!

Nicole said...

I am pretty passive aggressive myself and tend to avoid all things adult completely. I think I am in denile over being one lol.

Kindle said...

I feel you there! I get it from my mother, and it drives me crazy! (In me AND in her!) I'm trying to be better at it, but it's so very hard to confront people... The last time I actually brought up an issue with somebody, I was shaking so badly I almost couldn't talk!

Megan said...

Ugh. I completely understand how you feel. I am the queen of passive aggressiveness and my husband is the king. We are quite the pair... Good luck with whatever the situation is!!

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