Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winning Wednesday!

Unfortunately, we didn't win the MegaMillions lol. However, I have been rather lucky in the way of blog giveaways and I wanted to take a minute and say thanks! I'm brainstorming what I can do for a giveaway, so hopefully in the near future I'll have something great up for grabs, but for now, let me Thank these lovely ladies.

SAHM and Marine Wife  Giveaway
I won an awesome BumGenius Artist 4.0 diaper. I've been wanting to try cloth diapers, but the sheer amount of choices has had me frozen in my tracks. This little lovely is the push I needed to start the cloth journey {just in time for summer, so hopefully my lil Gbear's tushy won't be plagued with diaper rash in the heat!}For any of you mom's or mom's to be out there {or people with special little one's in their life ;) } go check out some of the great giveaways she's hosting! Not to mention she has an adorable blog.

Steph @ Watching Airplanes had an awesome giveaway of some of her favorite things. {If you haven't, check her out, she's awesome and her pups are adorable~ they're even related which I think is so neat!}
I was so stinking excited when I saw the package sitting on my doorstep! Lil Gbear helped me out. The card was super sweet and quite frankly this package made my day!

She is so sweet she even included a Kong Wubba for Bear and he is in LOVE with it. We had to take it away from him in the middle of the night because he started trotting around the house squeaking it. Such a goofy puppy!
*excuse the mess. Gbear likes to cause mayhem after I organize, so sometimes I just let it be til his naptime

Huge thanks to you lovely ladies!


Angie said...

I have a camo Kong Wubba. It's blue though, but my dogs love it!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are getting the push for cloth diapers! I don't have babies but am all about green living. I hope you love it and he does too!

Steph said...

Awww... I think Bear has a new favorite. And what a good little helper you have to help unpack everything.

Anonymous said...

You lucky bum! Gbear looks so happy to rip open your box so you don't have to lol

Anonymous said...

My dog was sitting next to me while I played this video and she went nutso! lol

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