Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We Didn't Start the Fire

No it was always burning since the world's been turning! {anyone? Please tell me a few of you sang along}
Holy Blog Absence Batman!

My blog is looking more like a ghost town these days, but that is something that is changing... starting right now! {cue applause}

There may be some of you wondering where I've been or it's entirely possible no one even noticed. I'm not trying to be self deprecating, many of you have still seen me around in the Twitterverse. Quite frankly, I lost the spark. The spark that lit the blogging fire under my booty.

What extinguished that pretty little spark? Life got busy. Since we moved, we are now living near HB's family, which means lots of times pent taking advantage of that. After living so far from any family, it makes me appreciate having them near.  Also, I've been working, albeit part time, but that definitely has changed the tempo of life. On the days I haven't been working, I've been soaking up every minute with Lil Gbear {since every time I blink he grows}

The time of the year was a big factor too. I wanted to soak up every single beautiful day possible before I am stuck in a Winter Wonderland of ice and snow. Since I don't have a smart phone {ha, my phone is more like a dumb as rocks phone} time outside of the house= complete lack of internet connectivity.

All of these factors led to me losing my mojo. Not to mention that I wasn't sure anymore what I wanted from this blog. I started it on a whim but as I started meeting all these amazing people and reading these fabulous blogs, I began to wonder where I fit in. In a sense, blogging became too stressful, so in my typical fashion, I fled. Well, I'm getting back to basics. Expect plenty of fluff but hopefully a midst my random postings you will find some gems of enjoyment. I figure I just have to get back on the horse and give it a shot!

And for those of you that are still reading this


Megan said...

Yay! You are back! You have been greatly missed!

Fran said...

Yayy! :) I'm excited. I love your ramblings :)

Lou said...

heck yes my blog bestie ninja is back!!!! i missed you tons! i went awol to dont be ashamed:)

Steph said...

Glad to hear you are doing well and making a comeback. Yay!

The New Normal said...

Welcome back! Glad that you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Yayy! Glad you're back:)

Megan said...

You're back!!!! YAY! You were certainly missed!

Sunny said...

welcome back! aka hil fish, long story.

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