Monday, August 20, 2012


As a mom, I've found that my instincts are usually good. I began noticing small things that worried me about little man before he was even a year old, but I tried to brush them off as first time mom worries. My mom told me I was being paranoid, his pediatrician said not to worry. Until one day she kindly said, let's just see. After all, it couldn't hurt.

That became my litany through extra appointments, speech classes, and finally an insistence on a referral to a pediatric neurologist. We could cover all our bases and be sure we were doing everything Gbear needed.  It couldn't hurt, right? 

I still was convincing myself that I was just being over-reactive all the way up until the moment the neurologist calmly {but not unkindly} told me, there is definitely something wrong with your child's brain. And now, after a month of waiting for the MRI, followed by two weeks of waiting for the results, we have an answer.

It's one the neuro prepared us for, but is there ever really a way to prepare to hear that your child's brain didn't form the way it is supposed to? That, your wonderful, funny, goofy two year old faces obstacles you could never have dreamed of? Is there a way to prepare to acknowledge that your child has cerebral palsy and struggles you never could have foreseen? Quite honestly, I'm still not prepared. I'll be going about my day and it will hit me like a ton of bricks. We don't know what the future holds for him and what he will and won't be capable of. Luckily {is it really lucky?} his case is mild, but given it's cause, we won't know what it means until he grows. For now, we meet with more doctors and start much more intensive speech therapy and add occupational therapy to the mix. 

God only gives us what we can handle, right? 

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Jennifer said...

You're a great mom for pushing to get an answer. At least you know what you're dealing with now. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers <3

hmb said...

Been thinking about y'all a lot sorry you are going through this. But you are a bad mamajama...I know you'll handle it well :)

JG said...

Oh my goodness. Good for you for pushing through your reservations to go ahead and get answers. You're Gbear's warrior, and obviously God gave him to you because He knew you would take care of him the way he needed it. I'll send you prayers for wisdom and peace.

Steph said...

I'm sure there is a reason you were chosen to be his mother. You will be fine, I'm sure of it.

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

Warrior Wife said...

You're a brave woman for getting that answer now. A lot of mothers (no judgment here) don't even want to address until school.

I am not one to think that everything happens for reason, but I do believe that all the tools to handle what life throws us are in front us, we just have to figure out how best to cope. There is nothing you've shared with us that doesn't show what an intuitive, caring, and open person and mother you are. He will thrive, no doubt about it, with you leading the way.

Julie said...

I can only imagine how scary this must be for you. You will be able to handle it!

Amber said...

I don't know how I missed this, I am so sorry you are all going through this. I can say from experience that you have got a great little guy on your hands. I'm thinking about you guys.

Elizabeth @ Cheers, Elizabeth said...

I'll be keeping you in my prayers! My cousin has a very severe case of CP with a mix of other things and has done so much more than the doctor's ever thought he would! I agree with all of the above commenters: You are one brave momma for facing this right now and getting him the attention he deserves and needs!

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