Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eating My Words

I will admit something. I can be one judgmental person sometimes, however, I've been trying recently to reserve my judgment for reality tv stars {after all, they kind of deserve it for parading on tv}One of my not so kind thoughts I had, which I was reminded of this evening while Trick or Treating with my little man, was a judgment I passed on the age at which it was appropriate to take a kid trick or treating.

It's kind of silly to take a newborn out trick or treating. Let's face it, we know the candy is for you. Why don't you just go buy some at the store. Or better yet, if you simply want to show of your little bundle of joy, collect money for Unicef. I proclaimed, because clearly I know everything, that a child should not go trick or treating for candy until they were old enough to say the words "Trick or Treat"

Can you see where this is headed? By my proclamation, my little man still shouldn't be trick or treating. I did notice this year a lot of looks from people when my son didn't sweetly mumble some form of "Trick or Treat" and we did it for him. It made me remember my early "wise" words.

 How could I take the excitement of trick or treating away from Gbear {who thinks this is one of the best nights ever}simply because he can't say Trick or Treat?  Just because I had expected him to be talking by now, I had the audacity to claim that I knew everything there is to know about kids and trick or treating.

Well, as I sit stealing a few pieces of Gbear's candy, I'm eating my words. {I have a feeling I'll be doing that a lot in the future}


Sierra said...

It's okay. My son at 4 1/2... this was the first year he actually approximated anything close to it and usually just mumbled and got his candy. I'm glad your little one still participated and had a good time.

Amber said...

How could you not, what an adorable Max!

Karen said...

Have no shame in taking your little (very little) one trick or treating...the memories are totally worth it!

Steph said...

He's should absolutely be able to go.

We took Aubri trick or treating but only to Matt's parents and my brother and sister. She, I mean, I only got a few pieces of candy but I'm okay with that.

Fran said...

Everyone passes judgment, and we usually all end up eating our words at one point or another. The important thing is to be able to learn from it.

And let's face it, you're an awesome Panda so screw the judgments.

L.A.C.E. said...

I figure, I pay for tons of candy and hand it out to other littles, hot dang am I going to eat my kids candy after I helped them go door to door at the age of newborn until the age they realize I'm also eating their candy and at that point they are typically to old to be out there :D

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