Sunday, November 4, 2012

Settle for a Slow Down

As the mom to an almost three year old, the days of snuggles are few and far between. Even when my sweet, hilarious little man is exhausted to the core, he is in a state of constant motion. He makes me tired just watching him!

Today, however, was a completely different story. My poor little man has caught a bug. His poor little tummy has been hurting and he had a fever. {don't worry, I'm not one of those moms that needs to go into nasty detail and I promise with every fiber of my being that this post will not contain a picture of poop or anymore mention of poop beyond this little aside}This is my first Sunday off work since this summer and while I never wish for my little man to be sick, I am so glad I was able to spend the day looking after him.

You know you're toddler is sick when they will willingly cuddle on the couch almost ALL day long. He had a few bursts of random energy, but we spent most of the day watching Madagascar and the Lorax, Gnomeo and Juliet, Tangled, and reading stories in between. It may not have been an exciting day and I didn't really get to enjoy that extra hour from DST, but I was so thankful to spend the day cuddling my little man when he needed it most.


Lou said...

awe hope he feels better soon!

Jennifer said...

Aw, I love that they have the same facial expression in the first picture. I hope he feels better soon!

henning love said...

ahh hope your little man is feeling much better or at least on his way to recovering

Sierra said...

Poor little guy. I hope he feels better very soon and keep giving snuggles, I think it helps get better faster.

Laura Darling said...

Aww I hope he's better soon!

I'll Love You Forever said...

Poor little man. I hope he feels better quick. Love snuggles from our little ones but sad when they do not feel well.

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