Sunday, July 14, 2013

Georgia Adventure: Part 1

Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, Gbear and I got to go on an exciting adventure down to Georgia. Add that to the list of states I’ve visited  {I’m almost at 30 I think- and just driving through doesn‘t count} The best part of our visit though was who we saw when we were there.
Our first full day in Atlanta, we all took a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. I had been told that it was quite a site to see and boy was it! The place is huge and so many amazing things to see. Gbear had an absolute blast and it was so wonderful to experience new things as a family. As a nice thank you to military families, the Georgia Aquarium offers a great 20% discount.

 As part of your day at the aquarium, you can experience a live dolphin show. I didn’t know how this would work out, Gbear still struggles sometimes to focus, but he was engrossed. It was a bit cheesy, but the dolphins are amazing. It ended up being one of my favorite portions of the visit, even if they do pack you into the auditorium like sardines {ha, fish humor}
There are so many different habitats to encounter in the aquarium, from tropical fish, to whale sharks {so majestic} to beluga whales. If you’re thinking of visiting the aquarium, be sure to check out all the events they offer through out the day- with lots of different animal feedings. There was seriously something for everyone. Gbear LOVED the penguin exhibit. It includes an awesome tunnel that kids {and kids at heart} can crawl through and then you can pop up in the midst of the penguins. Another awesome moment was when we stumbled upon a routine cleaning of an exhibit. This doesn’t sound exciting, but two people in full scuba gear floating above you cleaning the glass, well that pretty much made Gbear’s day. {If you happen to catch them when they are cleaning near you, they will even pose in pictures with you. I was soo bummed that Gbear was too impatient to do this}One of my favorites were the otters. We happened to walk by as they were getting fed and the trainer had them do tricks too. Absolutely adorable.

Overall we had an amazing time, but I was so glad we got there early in the day. After we saw the dolphin show, the aquarium started getting INCREDIBLY crowded. However, it was the 4th of July, so I think that is only to be expected. I have a feeling on a normal day it would not be such struggles. If it weren’t for the intense crowds, Gbear, HB, and I would have been content to spend the entire day there {and in the summer they are even open late!} The Georgia Aquarium is a must see and we will definitely be visiting again next time we find ourselves in Georgia!


Anonymous said...

Looks like y'all had a blast

Mary-andering Creatively said...

I love the aquarium. Brings back memories of our special holiday trip. Great pics.

Fran said...

That aquarium looks awesome!

Michelle said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Yes, sometimes we just need to put those labels society gives our kids out of our heads and just let them be kids - be themselves!

My hubby and I were just talking about taking a trip to Atlanta to see the aquarium! I know it's the largest in the world and I've heard it's well worth it! Thanks for the tip on the military discount!

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