Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I See the Light

This Summer has brought the longest separation HB and I have had since he was deployed. We are very fortunate that due to some careful budgeting we were able to break the time up with a couple of visits {one of which will be happening very soon *SQUEE*} However, I can’t express how very happy I am to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Even if that light is actually an oncoming train that will be the start of yet another chapter in our lives.

Just a few short days after HB is finished with his course and back home with us, we will packing up the last of our belongings and PCSing.  Interestingly enough, this is really my first real PCS. The Army did move us before, but originally that was an ETS move and so a little different. With this move we will be diving back into the life of an Army family.

I’m a big ball of nerves, but I am also full of excitement. It just so happens that the Army is moving us right back where we came from {how is that for irony?} At least I feel slightly more confident since I am familiar with the area, but I still have so many questions.  I have to get Gbear all set up with new Drs and Therapists and get him enrolled in school. Of course, we can’t enroll him until we have an address in the school district, so hopefully we can find the perfect house quickly!!

I can’t wait to have my family back together again and traveling across this beautiful country. There are many reasons to be sad in leaving, so I keep reminding myself of the happy things, because we are so blessed and there are many.

Any tips for a relative newbie with the whole PCS adventure?

Enjoying sights like this while I can


Nicole said...

Congrats on the upcoming move! It is exciting as well as stressful. I feel like the best advise is to be prepared for moving day. Military movers come in like a tornado packing all your stuff simultaneously. Agh! Lock everything you don't want packed in a bathroom or your car. Otherwise, it seems there is always an OPPS "where is that pile of stuff I told you not to pack???" Gotta love the trials and tribs of military life :)

Alejandra said...

Yay! So exciting! It's awesome that you already know the area where you're going to.
I wish I had advise to just give you. Um. My biggest piece of advise would be to try to do a partial DITY move. There is honestly so much stuff that you end up having to take with you anyway, that you might as well get paid to move it yourself. Since we're PCSing again soon, I plan on doing a blog series, but feel free to ask anything. (:

Fran said...

Eeek! So glad you guys will be back together soon!

As for tips - if you have anything you're really attached with and wouldn't want to break, pack it yourself. We did the sand ceremony for our wedding and both times we've packed the sand ourselves and taken it with us because we just don't trust it won't break during the move. Also, have everything you want to have with you during the move clearly separated from the rest and think about it ahead of time. Nothing like thinking "oh yeah, I want to take X with me" and realizing it's already been packed lol

erika said...

I'm glad you finally have him back, and I'm excited for your new life!! :)

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