Monday, September 2, 2013

Better Together

It's not always easy and
Sometimes life can be deceiving
I'll tell you one thing, it's always better when we're together
~Jack Johnson

This weekend was like a little slice of heaven. A few days where we no longer had to endure separation because our beloved Papa Bear was home. 

For one glorious weekend, we played together. We ate together. We adventured together. Our days were jam packed with glorious fun. The Zoo. The Fair. A Birthday celebration a bit early. We squeezed every moment for every last drop of juicy goodness.  Every night we fell in bed exhausted, but reminded of how very blessed we are that we got to spend a few days together

Sadly, all too soon, the weekend was over. To some it was a long weekend, but to our little family, the weekend could not have been long enough. As we said our goodbyes, we tried not to be sad, allowing the glorious moments of this weekend to sustain us. They will keep us going for a few more weeks until our next big adventure. Together.

Where's Papa?!


Fran said...

so happy you guys got a little time together to hold you over!

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