Monday, October 28, 2013

The Friends We Haven't Met

In the time that I have been blogging, I have cultivated friendships with individuals who span the globe. My husband has a hard time keeping track because sometimes I will simply refer to someone as my friend, rather than my bloggy buddy or something to that affect. Now I know that friendships born of the internet make some people raise an eyebrow. How well can you truly know someone you’ve only ever met in cyberspace?
However, I find that with many, we have graduated past the occasional comment on a blog post to the close to daily interaction through twitter, face book, instagram. These people allow me a glimpse of their lives and as a result, no matter where I go, I feel like I have a support net, a web of people if you will ;-) 
When HB initially told me where we would be PCSing, one of my very first thoughts was, I will finally get to meet some of the lovely ladies I have grown to adore on my computer screen.  In just one week I have more than doubled the amount of blog friends whom I have met in person. Between a trip to the zoo with some amazing kids and their moms and a delicious meal followed by a bead party, where we got to explore our creative side a little, I had an absolutely amazing week. If I had any trepidations about moving back here, they were quickly squashed by the reality that not only do I have old friends from college, I also have these wonderful “new” friends that I feel like I’ve known forever and I am SO glad for that!
Gbear Loves Making New Friends


JG said...

I remember when I started blogging and stalking about my BBs like "real" friends and how weireded out SoldierMan was by that. Now almost 5 years later, if I say "I'm going to meet a blogger friend," he doesn't even bat an eye. It's funny. I agree, my BBs have become some of my favorite people. I had no idea the community I was gaining when I started blogging years ago. I am so, so thankful for it today.

Jen said...

I'm always like "my tweep did such and such" and hubs is like yeah okay? He doesn't get it! I wish more of them lived closer!

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hmb said...

I will need you to post more pictures of these events in the future :) Totes jealous though....for Bragg to be as big as it is, NO ONE IS HERE!

erika said...

Blog friends are the best. :)

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