Sunday, January 5, 2014

Long Awaited Snowflake Swap Delights

As you may have read, I co hosted an awesome swap this year,  The Snowflake Swap. Now to most of you this may be old news, but due to the passing of my FIL, we were out of town when my swaps {yes, plural… I’ll explain in a minute} were due to arrive, but I wasn’t too concerned because we had stopped the mail {Safe and sound right?}
If you linked up already, you will have read my note that sadly upon arriving home and collecting the mail, alas, no packages.  My emotions got the best of me and I may have cried {Lordy, my husband thought I was nuts crying over a blog swap} You see, I was awaiting not just one, but TWO Snowflakes Swaps full of flurries of happiness because there was some last minute rearranging and an uneven number so I took a second swap.
Whew, I’m getting awfully long winded and I should just get to the good stuff. Four days after collecting the mail from the post office {with a sad lack of packages} the doorbell rang and a New Year miracle occurred- My glorious swaps!!!!
Without further ado. My first partner was Miss Annie from Blonde Glambition and she sent me the most fabulous taste of Italy. The packaging alone was enough to make me squee with delight. {So many sparkles and pretty ribbon and string!} Each little present was absolutely delightful, from the olive oil, to the pesto, to the utterly adorable panda. I want to go to Italy. ASAP. {someone want to buy me a ticket?}

I also partnered with Jen from the Adventures of Our Army Life. I will admit, I was behind on my blog reading so I did a little catch up reading of some of her posts and discovered that her husband is an Alumnus of Washington State University {here’s the post where I learned this tidbit}. Convenient since I myself am now residing in the Evergreen State {although I come from a UW family, BOW DOWN} But I digress a bit. This is about the amazing box Jen sent me!!!!! Gummy bears {YUM} and fuzzy mini slippers; extra fabulous because my feet are ALWAYS cold. A cute picture frame and a festive wine stopper. She even thought of Bear and included a toy for him {which he has been playing with ever since!} All such perfect gifts for the holidays.

These swaps truly brightened my mood {and I really needed it after a kind of crappy December} and kicked 2014 off with a happy bang. I am SOOOO glad I got to participate and be paired with these lovely ladies and am already looking forward to the flurries of fun of Snowflake Swap 2014!!!!  Thank you so much ladies for such an awesome swap!


Jane said...

Eeeek! LOVE both of your packages!!

Jen said...

I'm so glad you liked everything I sent, I am still working on my post for what you sent me. :) Can't wait to share all the amazing goodies you sent.

Fran said...

OMG your packages are so awesome!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! :)

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