Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why Don't You Just Teach

While I enjoy being a SAHM, I have always planned to have a career- not just a job, but an honest to goodness career. I always thought I'd go to college, then law school and be some high powered attorney, but as I got closer to graduating with my bachelor's degree, I realized that it wasn't a passion of mine. Yes, I'm a little naive in my thinking; I understand that not every career can be a passion, but if I'm going to devote years of my life to it, not to mention the money needed to attend law school {or grad school} I want to be sure it is a solid choice.

Which brings me to the title of this post. Often times, when talking with people about careers and aspirations, I note that without some form of graduate degree, my undergrad explorations of Art History and French Literature are pretty darn useless, which always garners the same response. {with some variations} 

"Why don't you just teach?" 
"Well you can always teach!"

Like, bam. Problem solved. Except do people not understand that just because I have a bachelor's degree, that doesn't mean I can just march into a school and start teaching. Do we really devalue teachers that much that it's a great "fallback" career? I admire people that choose to teach for  living, however, I'm not sure that's the path that's best for me and even if it was my choice, a degree in Art History and French Lit isn't really going to help me. There are so many more steps to teaching than just graduate, teach.

As it stands, I will continue doing my best to be a SAHM while working towards finding a career path, but thank you to all those "problem solvers" who believe all that stands between me and a teaching career is walking out the door and doing it ;-)


Jen said...

I think you have a great plan! :)

Alejandra said...

John wants me to go to grad school, but since I really have no idea what it want to do, I can't justify spending the money on something that may not work out. Hope you're able to find a career that you love!

Jen said...

My husband kept saying he wanted to get out and "just teach" and I was like dude you're nuts, teaching is HARD work! I used to want to be a teacher but after I finished my first semester, I was like "man, I don't have time for this!"

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