Friday, November 19, 2010

Facebook Funnies.. A Day Late

Steph over at Watching Airplanes had a hilarious post about face book statuses and decided to make it into a link up. I was super excited by the idea cause well, some things on face book are just plain hilarious. Unfortunately, life got in the way yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to link up, but I figured better late than never!

So without further ado, some hilarious and just odd face book statuses:

Chuck Norris can cut a knife with hot butter.
Gotta love a Chuck Norris joke.

2 days left in my 94 degree vibrating office!
What?! How is the office vibrating (or why?!)

My neighbors have a giant blow up
Nothing says Thanksgiving better than a blow up turkey.

i hate when i find a squirrel in my purse.
pesky squirrels!

Can't wait my man is going to be home soon!!
Not funny, but it definitely made me smile!!! Hooray for homecomings

you know you take your arts and crafts seriously when you color so hard your hands hurt.
I miss coloring….where are my crayons?! ;)

There aren’t as many of the typical overshare statuses today… must be too early in the day.. But you all know what I’m talking about, we all have the over sharers on face book

Anyhoo, Happy Friday!


Nike Athena said...

Too funny. Facebook statuses always make me smile. My friend said today she is grateful for her dad "always sliming and showing God's love." I read what she meant first and couldn't understand the, "Your spelling errors always make me smile."

Steph said...

Nice! I love the blow up turkey one. Thanks for linking up! I'm thinking about doing it every other week Wed or Thurs.

Lou said...

nice if you like these you should check out

hmb said...

God bless's a mess but I can't bear to look away!

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