Thursday, February 17, 2011

Facebook Funnies, Woot!

It's that time again for Facebook Funnies with Steph over at Watching Airplanes! Check it out, always good for a laugh.

Got no sleep on the bus today thanks to the screaming baby whose mother was wearing earphones the entire ride. A+ for being a caring and nurturing mom.
The best part was the comment after this status "hooray for birth control"
it's ssssnnnnooooowwwwwinnnnggg!!!!
at this point in the year, is it really that exciting? I guess I'm just ready for Spring. Snow-Humbug! 
A man with a ponytail is like a woman with a mustache.
profound, too bad hubby would totally grow his hair out long enough for a ponytail if he wasn't in the military.
This the Eve on January 15th 2011 I {insertnamehere} am officially SINGLE. I have no ties to any man romantically and I declare! Tomorrow will be the first, of at least 365 more days that I will remain so. Ganna make myself a little more interesting. ;)
Can I just note in the half a year I have been facebook friends with this person, he/she has posted something to this effect at least 4 times. Just sayin.
Lube wrestling!
just gross.


hmb said...

LOL. And I've always been envious of those that can fall asleep so easily on busses/planes/trains. Sigh.

Steph said...

Yay! Thanks as always for linking up. I love the first one. Especially the birth control comment.

Anonymous said...

LOL! The birth control one is awesome!

Jennifer said...

Lube wrestling?! Hahaha... some people need a facebook filter for reals.

Lou said...

hahah hillarious. facebook is sure a interesting type of "news" haha

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